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Security Guarding


Ensuring your premises are as secure as possible is an increasingly important issue for businesses and organisations where assets, buildings, money and people could be at risk. Providing a safe and secure place of work, education, care or leisure brings peace of mind and increases performance, morale, motivation and satisfaction.

There is so much more to security guarding than keeping watch. The old-fashioned image of a security guard, feet on desk reading a newspaper with the occasional meander through the area, is laughably out of date. Today, security guarding is sophisticated and high tech, pre-emptive, responsive and proactive.

Seven key points define our service:
  • Reliable and trustworthy: We currently provide security guarding through strategic partnerships with a small number of independent security companies that match our own high standards and business approach. These partnerships are founded on the same principles and with mutual trust in each others' performance and expertise. We would not recommend any business that did not meet our own high expectations. They all have BSIA (British Security Industry Association) accreditation. We are also moving towards providing security ourselves.
  • Well-trained to the highest standard: All staff work to the highest standards in the security guarding industry; all security guards are licensed by the BSIA (British Security Industry Association). They are well-trained, including by continual professional development, and focus on upholding the security of your business, its image and its reputation. They remain calm in the face of risk and provocation.
  • High tech and quick to respond: We offer 24-hour cover, in person through manned guarding, by CCTV monitoring and through other services such as mobile patrols, key holding and rapid responses if an intruder alarm is activated. Some clients will want these services round the clock, seven days a week; others might want security guarding and monitoring only when premises are empty.
  • Hand-picked to match your business approach: We work hard to understand your priorities, ways of working and company ethos and know that the attitude and behaviour of security guarding staff must reflect well on your business or organisation. We carefully match security guarding staff to the client, and the premises, to ensure they deliver the scope and quality of service you need – and the right impression for your business.
  • Professionalism that inspires confidence: Security guards must demonstrate the highest level of professionalism to remain alert to risks and inspire confidence in their ability to handle security breaches. They must also be personable, approachable and diplomatic. In some contracts, security staff are expected to take on other roles (such as greeting visitors at reception). We work with clients to determine the appropriate balance, for your business, between remaining detached and being part of your team.
  • Identifiable and authoritative: First impressions count so your premises and security staff must look the part. All our security guards are easily identifiable. Front of house staff wear smart and authoritative uniforms, leaving no doubt about their roles as protectors of your assets, premises, people, business and reputation. Guards working behind the scenes wear uniforms appropriate to their tasks but are also always clearly identifiable as security/protection staff.
  • Bespoke, flexible service for peace of mind: Our security guarding services are wholly bespoke. Flexibilty is essential – to fill routine or emergency gaps or scale up security services if your business is under threat or facing increased risks. Having the right security guarding service, security equipment and rapid response teams in place brings the peace of mind facilities managers want, knowing their premises, people, assets and businesses are appropriately secured and protected.
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