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Hard Floor Cleaning

Cleaning, restoration and maintenance

Cleaning, restoration and maintenance of marble, limestone, terrazzo, wood, vinyl, and linoleum floors. It’s easy to make a floor shine for a day, but day after week after month requires a whole different level of competence. Our specialist hard floor cleaning division does nothing but polish marble, coat wood and restore hard floors to factory fresh appearance.



We usually find the most significant factor in the condition of floors we are asked to assess is this: The more daily cleaning the dirtier the floor! Seriously, there is no doubt the use of inappropriate cleaning chemicals and the lack of a basic insight into how to make floors clean and bright is the biggest obstacle to clean, bright, sanitary floors.


If your floor has been laid for some time it may be showing signs of wear and tear. Sometimes floors which have been neglected or just poorly maintained need to have the stone surface itself honed or ground back.

Honing will also remedy the effects of old-fashioned vitrification (sometime called crystallisation or recrystallization). Using today’s modern technologies, vitrification is no longer necessary or recommended by competent contractors.

Honing can also be used to remove lippage problems where the edges of stones have raised or lowered relative to their neighbours. Honing provides a smooth, trip-free surface leaving the floor with a matt finish.

A super-gloss polished finish can be achieved using modern diamond polishing technologies.


For a fabulous looking floor which keeps its shine year-round our refurbishment service is industry leading.

We refurbish your floor by first stripping away any existing coatings and deep cleaning with specialist machinery and chemistry. Next we neutralise the surface to make it chemically as well as visibly clean. It is essential the floor is chemically clean because only then can the sealant and protector bond to the stone surface.

The inner architecture of the stone is flooded with the sealant and protector filling the nooks and crannies so no other liquids – spills and soiling – can’t do so. The look and the feel of the stone remains natural and no-one will be able to tell your floor has had protector applied.

If you choose – and the stone is suitable – you can go one step further and have a polished effect applied. Doing this is not only aesthetically pleasing it also helps to protect the stone from abrasion, scratches, soiling and spills.

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