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Contract Cleaning


What's so complicated about cleaning? That may be the sentiment expressed by people used to domestic cleaning but contract cleaning for offices and other commercial premises is much less straightforward. Every business is different so every cleaning contract is customised to the client's needs.

The client might require one cleaner or a large team; an on-site janitorial team or occasional or regular cover for an in-house team during absences. Tasks might be routine and frequent or unusual one-offs – from daily cleaning to infrequent deep cleans to rapid response teams in emergencies. The specifics – products, methods, frequency, scope, time of day, hours, equipment, the premises, layout – will, of course, vary. We will recommend a contract cleaning service that works best for your business and premises – and we will do what we say.

Five key points define our contract cleaning service:
  • Reliable and involved: With a strong team of experienced area managers (usually allocated to clients by geographical region) we are able to respond very fast to changes to the client's contract cleaning routine, unexpected absences in the cleaning team, or emergencies. Area managers work closely with clients, meeting them regularly to discuss performance and share auditing information; they are available to clients every day. Our largest and most complex client contracts will often also have supervisors, allocated to specific sites and present on site with our team, troubleshooting and problem-solving throughout.
  • Innovative and effective: It isn't only that we look at every potential cleaning contract with a fresh approach to improve quality and value for money. We also continually watch developments in equipment performance and look for better ways of working, knowing that modern cleaning equipment is more efficient and new cleaning products more effective or less impactful on the environment. A generous annual budget for new equipment underpins our determination to deliver a higher level of performance at our clients' premises. We train our staff to use equipment safely and effectively.
  • Reviewed and improved: Our operations team – managers and supervisors – meets fortnightly to discuss common issues, share experiences and offer suggestions for improvements so we can achieve the same high standard of service for all our contract cleaning clients.
  • Expansive and forward-looking: We look beyond the specifics of each cleaning contract, assessing opportunities to improve efficiency on the job and at our head office. We employ well-informed specialists for common sense advice not only on what applies now but also on what might happen next – such as on our impact on the environment, on health and safety where our people work and on how best to recruit people who share our determination to deliver a high quality contract cleaning service.
  • We do what we say: Promising more than we deliver is the fast route to losing contracts. We want to retain clients for the long term, because they know they can rely on us to perform well and provide the additional services they need from time to time. In an industry renowned for its high turnover of staff, we are known for having staff who are unusually loyal and long-serving. We put this down to being open, clear and honest with clients and staff – promising no more than we can deliver and, therefore, for doing what we say.
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